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Differences between PubEAST/PubWEST and Patent Public Search

Changes to system limitations

The character limit in PubEAST/PubWEST has been removed for Patent Public Search.

In addition, Patent Public Search can support additional usage of unlimited truncation (using $ vs $n).

Truncation limits:

Match limit: If an individual term in a query matches on more than 20,000 hits, Patent Public Search will not try to run the query.

  • Example: A$ and database
    The term A$ matches more than 20,000 hit terms so the query will not execute.

Combinatorial limit: When the product of the numeric modifiers exceeds 125, Patent Public Search will not execute the query.

  • Example: A$32B$4
    The numeric modifiers 32 and 4 multiplied together equals 128. This is greater than 125 and the query will not execute.

  • Example: A$3B$5C$2D$3
    The product of the numerical modifiers equals 90. The query will execute unless the term would match more than 20,000 hits.